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28 Sep How to do SEO for YouTube videos

5 Steps to an Awesomely Optimized Video

Looking to rank your videos on YouTube but clueless as to optimization procedures? LA SEO can help you navigate these tricky waters. Implementing good SEO for videos is an entirely different ball game than for text-based content. Many key principles are still important but at different levels… and there are different techniques.

Here is how to perfect your video optimization:

1. Keyword research is important to any optimization strategy, but not as crucial in video optimization, as only about 15-25% of video traffic comes from searches.

Most views come from YouTube suggesting your video to its users.

Additionally, the masses use search engines like Google and YouTube differently–Google to read about something and YouTube to view things or watch them in action. Many popular keywords searched in Google are not significantly searched in YouTube, and vice versa. 

For the best search suggestions and a comprehensive idea of what people really search for, try typing a keyword or phrase into the box and see what pops up to complete the search. Install this free extension on your browser to see the keywords your competitors use. This tool will even show you the number at which the video ranks in YouTube searches.

Easily out-rank poorly optimized videos that rank for a certain keyword by publishing a high-quality video with that same keyword. Although tags are not as important as they used to be, YouTube still likes you to use them. But you should not put much energy into creating the perfect tag. You should probably include only around five tags, and make sure that at least one of them is your target keyword.

Now that you have a better sense of what to make your target keyword, it is time to optimize!

2. Only include your target keyword once in your title; make it short and snappy and use numbers wherever possible. Ring any bells?


3. Now, time to master the description section.

Write 200 words or more to describe each video. Just as search engines like Google cannot understand supporting infographics, podcasts or multimedia content, YouTube is not a perfect judge of the contents of your video without a lengthy and well-written description. Oftentimes, spending time writing a lot after you just made a great video seems like a hassle and a bit counterintuitive. But trust us, it is worth it in the world of search engine optimization. If YouTube knows what you are offering, it is more likely to showcase your video to users as a suggested video when they watch similar things.


4. Clearly enunciated spoken keywords can be helpful to Youtube SEO

YouTube understands some things so it doesn’t hurt to say your target keyword at least once in each video. Enunciate clearly that specific word or phrase. YouTube can further understand what your video is about. You can even consider uploading a transcript to get more views.


5. Click through rate (CTR) is especially huge for YouTube–like probably even more so than for search engines.

So, you will need a compelling title (not short-term clickbait), a stand-out thumbnail to grab the attention of viewers and a magnetizing description–particularly in the first 125 characters that YouTube displays in search results.


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