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Amazon Enhanced Content & Ads Growth

See how we are renovating product imagery, branding and content to grow with new customers on Amazon
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Why Work With Us?

Why Us


- Contains less than 6 images and lacks having info text callouts or strong user story orientated swipe flows.

- Lacking relevant keywords and character count.

- Contains 3-5 short features that are spec heavy and not marketing or consumer SEO-focused.

- Short or missing altogether. 

- Off target or missing and lack keyword research, many times copied from previous products.

- Typical client / agency struggles - Not active or focus on branded keywords and lack order growth transparency on metrics and performance.


- Utilizes all 6 product image slots. Images are a user journey with detailed infographics and “how to use” instructions. 

- Optimized product title with product category relevant keywords and phrases. Utilize full character count.

- Contains 5 optimized bullet points that contain key features and important characteristics of your product. Each bullet point is uniform in length. 

- Highly optimized descriptions that elaborate on Featured Bullet Points. Longer keyword phrases are included here. 

- Relevant search terms with high search volume that are invisible on your listing but are still indexed by Amazon. 

- Focus on non-branded keyword and top competitor ASIN campaigns. Provide monthly key metrics reporting. 

We Will Optimize All of Your Most Important ASINs

Our optimized product description are manually written by brand and product experts that we align with your team, based on keyword research and search volume trends as well as creating an easy and informative read for potential customers. And we take advantage of maximizing every content field and character count for ideal content and image balances for each of your products that we work.

Ads That Utilize Amazon Automation and Then Manual Breakouts Every Day

Each sponsored product has its own portfolio for easily organizing and managing sponsored ad campaigns.

After 30 days of automated campaigns, we create manual campaigns from harvested search terms and competing ASINs with high conversion rates. Focused on exact matching keywords and ASINs. 

Reporting That's Transparent, Timely and Actionable

To showcase performance at the product sales and advertising levels, we cap everything off each month with reporting that is very transparent and clear for product level traffic and revenue growth. Focused on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

A+ Image & Creative Asset Design Work Based on User Stories

We have a well-defined Amazon asset design and publishing playbook. Prioritizing the exact order of product images from most important to least, based on what your customer wants and needs. This part of the product optimization process is the most impactful way to improve conversion rates due to how rich we can make the experience with improved product imagery.

Growth Tactics

Growth Tactics

Platform Migration & Site Redesign SEO

Over 50% of our clients come to us with site migration and redesign SEO needs. This is actually the #1 cause of traffic loss for sites. So many factors need to be taken into account.

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In-Depth Search Competition Auditing

We uncover what your competitors are doing that's helping their SEO Strategies, while defining key gaps and low competition routes for short and long term SEO wins.

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Advanced Web Analytics & Reporting

We are Web Analytics implementation, analysis and dashboard reporting experts. Our process and tools for page layout and feature optimization isolates what drives conversion rates positively on each of your primary page templates. Giving you ultimate value out of all of your traffic driving sources.

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Outreach & Link Building

Link building efforts need to focus on boosting the authority and rankings for top converting and traffic driving pages on the site. Which requires taking a proactive approach that focuses on Quality, relevancy, placement, recency and quantity which are all at play.

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Content Marketing

To connect with customers during every stage of the user journey buying cycle via engaging content.

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Paid Search & Product Listing Ads

To proactively target relevant audiences and expedite traffic and lead growth by leveraging our technical marketing expertise, paid media services and agency partnerships.

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Local SEO

We have supported sites ranging from 10 stores to over 5,000 stores around the country. Optimizing their websites and GMBs simultaneously.

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International SEO

We support several global brands and have pushed the boundaries on ways to maximize click-through rates and traffic in the numerous native-based versions of search engines. From UK to South America and around the global, we maximize global search presence Organically.

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Search Reputation Management

How your brand is represented in search directly impacts customer acquisition and retention. We proactively impact brand reputation in search results.

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Contact Us today with your Amazon store info and we'll provide a breakdown on the following for your store and products:

- What Is Amazon A+ Content?
- What Is Premium Amazon A+ Content?
- What Does Amazon A+ Content Consist Of?
- Who Can Create Amazon A+ Content?
- Benefits Of A+ Content
- How To Create An A+ Content?
- How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?
- Amazon A+ Content Guidelines
- Amazon A+ Content Best Practices
- What Not To Do When Creating A+ Content?

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