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Based in Malibu and San Diego, California, LA SEO services clients with sites targeting a wide variety of local, national and worldwide consumers. Leading strategies that penetrate top rankings across all major business industries.

Where do we start

LA SEO was founded by veteran online marketing executive and SEO Innovator - Blake Pollack. Based out of offices in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, LA SEO services both local and national clients under the passionate vision and guidance of CMO Andrew Bernhardt, a true SEO pioneer and ecommerce expert.

LA SEO is unique among the industry for having best-in-class capabilities with technical SEO prowess, content marketing process and production, backed by an in-house outreach team that has produced over 100,000 backlinks for clients. LA SEO brings personalized SEO expertise to every relationship and provides true full-service SEO support. In today's vast sea of SEO agency offerings, this is a truly unique solution that combines strategy with tactics.

Our Mission

We are proud to have an excellent track record of delivering fantastic results for clients while having high retention rates. Our personalized approach to each of our ranking strategies allows for ultimate growth opportunities for you and your business.

Commitment to Our Mission

Our goal is to provide your business with absolute best-in-class SEO service that functions like your very own in-house SEO team. We’ve got star-caliber background with SEO and Content Marketing while you have an interesting business in need of taking off.

Let’s start working together so we can both grow together!

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