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Paid Search & Product Listing Ads

With organic keyword data and conversion attribution being very limited now by Google, a well-run paid search campaign is the ideal catalyst for informing focus areas in organic search in addition to the organic broad reach we target.

What Makes Our PPC Strategy Unique

The content the we are directly optimizing and producing together should have a more direct route for paid search since we are most familiar with what is being developed and changing on the site.

Many times new content does not receive paid search marketing since teams focused only on PPC aren’t involved with the content marketing strategy. They focus on their initial build and then refine bids for the most part based on up front budget. Our process is far more dynamic. We data mine for converting search terms and test numerous configurations with our targeting to generate new leads at a profitable CPA target that we work together to formulate based on business logic and margins.

This keyword data directly informs our Organic Search strategies on what to obsess over - keywords that are proven converters, to maximize search market share.

We manage campaigns based on ROI targets. So if you need to hit a 5 to 1 ratio, we’ll optimize towards that. Our goal is to offer you with the most robust marketing mix to dominate in search. Thus providing ultimate search engine optimization service.

Rev Share PPC Partnership Program

We have built a very unique partner-oriented service program for clients that need further support to fuel their paid search channel. Once we define your target CPA (cost per acquisition) ratios along with conversion rates and AOV (average order value), we can then produce a plan to help fund the paid program for a win/win partnership on paid revenue ROI (return on investment).

This program is a new offering that is really allowing for clients to maximize Paid Search opportunities is they are commonly balancing a fixed budget for the month, quarter or year. So we are then able to maximize growth in a far quicker timeline. It's a program we are super excited to roll out with more Ecommerce clients, so be sure to ask about it when we chat.

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