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23 Jan How to utilize influencers for link building

There are hundreds of thousands of incredibly talented people making content on the internet every day. More and more people choose online content creators, also known as influencers for their influential abilities, as their main source of news, entertainment, and education.

Why partner with influencers?

High-quality content is the most important thing for SEOs; if the source is authentic and the reader finds value in the content, more people will consume it. This makes these channels extremely valuable to SEOs. Influencers often serve hyper-specific niche audiences, which makes it easy to get your product or service in front of a specific group of people when you partner with influencers.

How to start an influencer outreach strategy:

1. Identify possible matches

Vet your influencers. It is likely that there are dozens or hundreds of matches for your product or service. It’s important to vet their content and sites they publish on. After all, you only want backlinks from websites that search engines favor. Check their Domain Authority and Page Rank with a free tool like MozBar and take some time to read their content.

How long is it?

Does it provide real value to the reader?

What is their engagement level on their blog, site, channel and socials?

PROTIP: Scale your outreach. Buzzstream and Ninja Outreach really help with automating prospect listing and managing all your different conversations.


2. Discover what motivates your influencers

Do these people create content as a mere form of self-expression or purely as a hobby/for pleasure? Or are your influencers driven by fame, money and business deals? Be prepared to ask for your backlink with an offer that aligns with their purpose as to start out on the right foot.


3. Reach out with an offer

Many influencers are simply happy or flattered to be asked to provide a backlink. Explain how your product or service (or content) aligns with theirs and you’ll be surprised how many smaller creators will be happy to oblige. However, everyone has to eat. Many influencers operate their blogs, channels, etc. as their full-time jobs and expect to be offered payment in exchange for speaking about your product or service and providing a backlink. Be prepared with a budget if you’re going after more public and popular influencers.


4. Follow up with your community

It’s good practice to follow up with influencers after they’ve posted your partnered content with your backlink. Let them know what you took away from the experience and thank them (regardless if money was exchanged or not) for adding value to your operation. You can even connect your influencers with each other for further collaboration! Spread the SEO love, people.


5. Remember to ask for backlink updates when URLs change

Don’t forget that your links can change in the future. Whether you underwent a site migration or simply had some redirects, you should follow up with your influencer family and ask if they would please update the backlink on their sites to avoid losing any link juice. This is one more reason to actively maintain an updated list of site URL structures.

Have you had any experience using influencers for link building and search visibility? Whether it was positive or negative, leave your story below! Our community is constantly learning from each other and we love to foster discussions like these.


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