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Shopify is an all-inclusive e-commerce platform made for store owners who like to pay attention to detail. The platform was built with solely e-commerce in mind, but now makes it easy for any type of business owner to own an online store.

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Platform strengths:

  • Keeps sites on the platform running fast without any extra plugins
  • Helpful for SEO purposes because it creates clean, crawlable code and allows for custom search engine listings
  • Provides aesthetically pleasing themes without any customization


Platform challenges:

  • Can be more difficult to understand customization aspects if you don’t have a huge technical know-how
  • When customizing title tags, the length of them often gets cut off
  • Collection vs product pages and the way that they’re indexed


Our unique approach with Shopify

  • We know the best SEO plugins and nuance ways to optimize Shopify sites after doing it for numerous clients

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