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19 Apr 7 tips to boost CRO for Facebook E-commerce Ads

Tired of low performing social ads? In today’s article we will cover 7 tips to boost CRO for Facebook e-commerce ads:

What is CRO?

As we all know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is incredibly important. A page that has been optimized well maintains a good click-through rate (CTR), meaning users stay on the page or browse the website longer.

But a page that is selling something or asking users to complete something has to worry about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

How many people who actually visit a page complete the call to action? CRO maximizes the number of responses from visitors who come to your pages through search engines.

eConsultancy estimated that for every $92 spent on acquiring customers in the US, only $1 is spent on conversion.


In e-commerce the most important thing is getting people to complete purchases so YOU make money.

So ask yourself this: if you’re using Facebook E-commerce Ads (because you should be), how can you boost your CRO to put money in the bank?

Since you needed to use some money to get those Facebook E-commerce Ads in the first place; your target audience is unlikely to see your organic content on social media if you have not paid for promotion.

Get the most bang for your buck with these tricks. 

1. Pay careful attention to your visuals and use multimedia

This really cannot be stressed enough.

Use bright, vibrant and eye-catching photos. Bonus points if they are real!

Avoid the Facebook blue and white colors. Happy people (especially women–sorry boys) will drive CRO.

Engaging photos with a few powerful words on them can do so much. And of course, keep your target demographic in mind and use photos that they will appreciate.

Use video ads to effectively promote products.

Not enough companies offer short yet helpful videos, but those that do boast terrific CRO. Videos are quick, engaging and inspiring.

Simply create a video and upload it to Facebook. Then use Facebook Ads to increase its reach.

Make it 4 to 4 1/2 minutes.

This can give you a huge advantage over competitors.

Try Facebook Live.

Viewers can like and share your content while watching.

When finished, the video doubles as a Facebook post.

Cross promote your YouTube channel by uploading the newly created content there. Livestream product launches and webinars!

Build scrolling images into your ads to keep attention.

These scrolling images don’t even have to be of different products. Multiple images with different views highlight all options or uses of products. Facebook’s Carousel Format ad allows for five images and/or videos with headlines, links or calls to action in a single ad unit.

Utilize Facebook’s product gallery to capture impulse buys.

You are paying for the Facebook ad, so make the most of it with the product gallery. Showcase some products, prices and buy buttons directly on Facebook. Shopify stores can most easily be integrated with Facebook product galleries.

2. Embed a call to action (CTA).

There are nine different CTA options for your Facebook E-commerce Ads: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch More, Apply Now, Donate Now, and Contact Us.

Be sure to only use whichever closely matches what you want people to do.

Text, headline, description and call to action must be consistent but not repetitive.

3. Install Facebook Pixel

This enables you to observe customer actions on your website and Facebook to create ads that target your customers.

You can better understand what you did right and wrong in your ads; the sales and revenue that resulted from them.

You can also find new customers and optimize your ads for people likely to purchase after visiting your site. This is explained in step five.

The pixel even allows you to choose what type of activity or event you would like to track on your website, leading to greater understanding of visitor habits so that Facebook can better target your ads.

4. Use Facebook’s interest field to consistently drive conversions

Be super specific for your targeted audience.

Don’t type a broad interest because associated pages won’t connect with your target audience.

Shrinking your target audience increases chances of conversion. Combining multiple interests creates an audience of diehard fans.

5. Create an audience grouping of people who have already viewed your product page, but did not purchase

For any number of reasons, about 98% of consumers are not likely to purchase products online the first time they see them.

Turn potential interest into solid purchases by creating a custom audience. Exclude existing customers. Provide a custom ad targeted at these “potentially interested” customers.

Perhaps offer a small discount for a limited time to increase sales!

6. Decrease cart abandonment rate with remarketing

We shop for something online, but get distracted or second guess ourselves.

Do I really need this? It might even be more expensive than we had budgeted for.

Whatever the reason, nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon carts before checking out. No money for you 😭

Target these people through remarketing because they are very close and just require an extra nudge during checkout.

Add some ads! Ask customers (gently) if they have forgotten to complete the purchase.

Include a picture of the item or items in the abandoned cart and links so that the transaction can be completed relatively effortlessly. Perhaps even offer a small discount.

Importantly, people who abandoned carts recently are more likely to return and boost your conversion rate than those who abandoned more than a month ago.

7. Build referral programs

Referral programs encourage your customers to convert their friends into customers.

Promote referral programs with Facebook Ads.

People like attractive pop-ups on Facebook more than emails. Offer existing customers a lower price in exchange for a review of your product OR referrals.

This also promotes brand advocacy.

Naturally, your ad will take the best form for your customer base and will help you meet your business goal.


Every ad is different and will not perfectly follow the steps outlined above.

There are no guarantees in CRO.

Try what you desire individually.

Certain things will probably work better than others for you. Research and strategize.

But if you implement at least one of the steps above, expect sales to increase. Happy optimizing! 🤓


Looking for assistance with conversion rate optimization for your Facebook E-commerce Ads?

Get in touch with our team of pros today!

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