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14 Aug 6 Common SEO Misconceptions

SEO is it still a relatively new field of expertise. However, as the years go by, it is slowly gaining more recognition and popularity in execution and study. Still, there are many common misconceptions held by newbies entering the field. Some of these might send seasoned experts up the wall.


Misconception #1: Search engine optimization is a series of gimmicks, schemes or tricks designed to boost page rank.

As we are well aware, white hat SEO is not designed as a ploy.

Optimizers only seek to discover what content is most valuable to users and search engines alike and make it more available. SEO shortcuts simply get this done more quickly and efficiently. Optimizers are not trying to deceive search engine algorithms or game their way to the top. Search engine optimization is not spam and usually leads to organic, well-intentioned website improvements. 

A critical component of SEO, link building must adhere to guidelines. If done in a trashy way, yes, it is spammy. It is not about getting your links onto any and all off-site pages, but rather inserting natural, informative links into valuable content to help readers and boost search engine rankings. Good link building adds value to the internet and your own domain authority. Learn more about link building techniques here.


Misconception #2: Keyword stuffing is the only thing that matters in search engine optimization.

How many times have we cautioned against this? Yes, keywords are important, but there are many other factors that determine a page’s ranking on the search engine results page. All in all, there are dozens of metrics and key performance indicators you should be measuring to gauge the success of your campaign.


Misconception #3: Because SEO yields a high return on investment, and it is pretty basic, I don’t need to spend that much money on it.

It is somewhat basic which is awesome. But if you want to reap all the benefits you really should spend some money to do it right and maximize long-term returns. You got what you pay for!


Misconception #4: SEO is too complex to learn.

Yes, some parts are more technical than others, but in just a few hours you can nail down the basics (with no prior coding experience). Where will you ever get in life with an “it’s too hard” mentality?! Just be dedicated to mastering it.


Alternatively… Misconception #5: SEO is too easy.

While you can learn the basics in an afternoon, you must always be thinking about strategic ways to optimize your page. Even years of study and practice would not make you a true aficionado as the field is always changing. There is a reason experts are paid the big bucks.


Misconception #6: SEO should work the same way for everyone, all the time.

Just, no.

There are thousands of variables, and what worked for one company might be a total disaster for another. There are no simple one-size-fits-all, step-by-step procedures. SEO is an art as well as a science. Targeting strategies and execution methods vary greatly.


Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you if you thought any of these things were true. They are simple, uneducated misjudgments. Contact us today for a better understanding of SEO and help to get your company on the path to search engine success! 

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