What is SEO?


You offer a product or service that potential customers are searching for. So how will those customers find your business, and why will they choose you over the competition?

Obviously, there are a number of answers to these questions, including convenience, cost, consumer trust, etc. But let’s focus on one MAJOR component in the modern world of marketing or consumer awareness: Google.


The majority of people looking for information, products, or services online search for these things on Google.com. Google has gone to tremendous lengths to assure that its sophisticated search engine returns the most relevant and trustworthy results from any search. Because of the large amount of trust and convenience in the Google brand, resulting in a sweeping 85% search monopoly over the billions of daily online searches made, Consumers generally look to the top 5 organic listings on Google’s results for their particular searches.


So how do you get your business to the top of Google’s organic listings when someone searches for your particular type of product or service?

Welcome to Search Engine Optimization!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method by which a web site becomes recognized by a Search Engine (i.e. Google) and is subsequently shown to people using the engine to search for relevant services or keywords (Keywords = terms or phrases being searched). If, for example, you’re an auto mechanic in Los Angeles and someone searches Google for “auto repair la”, you want to show up on top, right? Well, the better optimization you have, the more likely your web site is to be placed at the top of a search engine when people search for your type of service or keywords. And an SEO expert can make sure this happens. This essentially aligns your brand with the Google brand, creating consumer awareness and trust.


Google is the way that 85% of the billions of online users search for goods and services, creating the quickest, easiest, cheapest, and most widespread way in history for an extremely targeted customer to find your business when searching for a product or service you provide. And since SEO is the only way for your site to show up at the top of Google or any search engine for your keyword searches, SEO is hands down the most efficient, proven, and cost-effective marketing and lead generation tool available in the world today. Businesses that utilize professional and expert SEO generally see an increase of 5 to 10 times their current amount of customer traffic within a year. There is absolutely NO OTHER marketing method at a similar cost and timeframe that even comes close to being as effective.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?


  •  Most people aren’t even aware of SEO—that they have some control over how they are ranked in Google;
  • Those that know, don’t know how to achieve good SEO and don’t know any SEO experts; and
  • There are only a handful of honest and real SEO experts around; 90% of the individuals that claim to be SEO Experts are either individuals who read an SEO book and don’t really understand the components OR they are big companies that charge a fortune and don’t pay much attention to customized SEO.

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