12 Jul How to work with the new notes feature in Adwords

Google recently added Notes to the AdWords interface

The new feature was announced in March. It enables AdWords users to mark changes and noteworthy functions directly in the User Interface, enhancing productivity. With Notes, keep abreast of significant performance changes and campaign launches on other channels in the User Interface, without spending hours digging through your account or trying to locate relevant notations in an external document.

How to work with the new notes feature in Adwords | LA SEO SERVICE

This update has been desired for quite some time. It makes interpretation of digital traffic, exchange of information, testing details and results more accessible. Collaboration is easier with more context. Notes in AdWords replicates the capabilities of Google Analytics. Any notations that are made in the interface are visible to all account users, but only those with edit access can create, edit or trash notes. They appear below the performance graph area and a Notes column on the right side of the AdWords page can be expanded to view multiple entries in greater detail.

How to work with the new notes feature in Adwords | LA SEO SERVICE BLOG

Notes are only available in the new AdWords interface, but the old one will be completely phased out by the end of this year. Change is never easy, but the Notes feature is a huge plus that many site masters can’t wait to try!

As in Google Analytics, add AdWords Notes by clicking anywhere in the performance chart and selecting “Add Note” from the menu. A window will open with plenty of space for you to type information. The window also allows you to change the date displayed in the AdWords performance chart. Save the note you create and a gray box will appear, marking the existence of the note. When desired, click on the gray box to see the note and the part of the account to which it has been applied. In this box, there are additional options to add another note or see all notes created within the account. The feature offers several options: you can filter among dates and account levels to more easily find and display the note for which you are searching, add more notes to the performance chart or edit/delete icons. Hover over a single note card to reveal your changes once effected.

Recording and sharing account details just got much simpler. Get a more comprehensive overview of what is happening within your website with this one-stop shop. Use Google AdWords Notes at the account, campaign or ad group levels to boost productivity. More efficiently run website = better SEO rankings.

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