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08 Feb How Voice Search Is Changing SEO As We Know It

Siri. Alexa. Cortana. Google Now. Whoever is your digital assistant of choice, they have a role in changing SEO as we know it through voice search. We all know that mobile search has surpassed desktop search volume. Now, voice search is adding a new variable that will change SEO as we know it in 2018.

Voice search clients enable users to spare time by utilizing their voices to search as opposed to writing queries. With voice search at a record-breaking high, an ever-increasing number of individuals favor talking over texting. The move to voice has occurred to a great extent because individuals like the simplicity and ease of the medium.

Why does this matter for SEOs?

By predicting monumental shifts in search patterns and behavior, we can pivot ahead of time to best optimize our content to show in relevant voice search queries.

This is one of those shifts in patterns of behavior.

When people use voice search they are often times asking a question and looking for a direct answer. Because of this the percent of queries with instant answer results is on the rise and thusly, traditional queries to search engines will slowly become less and less apparent.

Phrases are different in voice search than in manual desktop or mobile search. For example, a common query in e-commerce may be something like mens running shoes. In voice search could be best running shoes for trails. Notice this voice searcher doesn't say men because he assumes his device knows this. You can also see the added phrase for trails. Often times, there is more context given in voice search. Because of these variables, it's important to adjust your keyword targeting strategy to match this new phrasal query style. - Andrew Bernhardt

ASO Protip: It’s important to note that this might not necessarily mean this is true for your industry. Voice search is additive to the world of search so it could actually benefit you. It’s all dependent on what industry and content plans you have. For example, it would be hard for a voice agent to read you out the entire step by step or how to of a complicated recipe or how to code a mobile app.

In short, don’t freak out. It’s just important to plan for the new areas of optimization that are happening right now. If your industry or niche is a good fit for voice search (i.e. a huge area of opportunity is sites that report on sports stats), it’s time to start understanding what can be done to rank.

Here are a few things you can do to optimize your site for voice search:

  • Get your content into Featured Snippets also known as “instant answers’ or “rank zero” positions.
  • Pay special attention to your listings on geo-location social sites, especially Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook as this data is pulled for a lot of “near me” voice searches.
  • use words and long-tail phrases that people say when they’re asking a real question
  • include the answer to that question preferably in the first sentence of your page content

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