20 Jun Google Keynote 2018: Key takeaways and what they mean for SEO

The 2018 Google I/O Keynote, Google’s annual festival/conference for smart developers hosted by other smart developers (more than 7000 app and website developers from around the world), wrapped up in Mountain View today. As usual, technology is getting smarter. Huge advancements in Google capabilities are coming this year. But what does that mean for the field of Search Engine Optimization?

Site Speed

Nearly an entire hour was spent discussing the importance of maximizing website speed and performance. To ensure a smooth user experience, read number eight and try using tools like Lighthouse and DevTools. The conference even explained best practices for leveraging AMPs in Firebase.

Did you know that about one-third of Internet content is published by WordPress-powered sites? Use AMPs and other progressive technologies in WordPress sites maximize user experience.

It is most important to be familiar with optimizing anywhere, especially in various frameworks. JavaScript-powered websites can be more challenging, requiring the perfect balance of specific server and client-side technologies. Indexable sites and web applications are more possible with Angular, Polymer, React or other frameworks to build a full-fledged PWA or just use them for parts of sites.


Although we need to pay attention to things like on-page SEO, link building, keyword research and user experience, Google takes us back to the basics with ideas for good hosting platforms, content management systems and the plugins. Google emphasizes that its existing plugins and web extensions should be used to gather structured data and maintain updated pages throughout a content lifecycle.


Perhaps Google’s most major announcement for SEO junkies was the reveal of updated ads for app developers. With these updates, advertisers will have the ability to promote more content within app promotion ads (only in Google Play of course). This is terrific news for shopping or e-commerce apps. Facebook is great for web browsing, but these ads will boost app downloads. In the coming months, apps will be able to connect product catalog feeds to Google AdWords to show a carousel of product images and descriptions in as. This affords users detailed visuals of an apps offerings.


Google’s I/O reminds us that object are getting smarter every day and new ways are revealing themselves constantly to optimize your search engine rankings. Watch some of the sessions here.

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