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10 Oct How to get more traffic FAST [without PBNS]

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) have a deceiving good for link building and boosting your numbers, but are they really worth it to optimize your content? PBNs are questionable and grey hat SEO tactics at best. They can’t be costly and time-consuming. The overall risk can leave SEO experts questioning the value of using PBN links as a link building technique. Lucky for you, LA SEO would like to share 5 tactics you can implement today that will make your website traffic explode, without the hassle of PBNs.


#1 Harness the power of content transformation.

Turning a blog post into a YouTube video, podcast, ebook or infographic can drive traffic exponentially. And it can be a post from a while ago (or not-so-long ago) that you recently decided to convert into another format. Generate lots of social shares and comments however possible. Squeeze that content for all the traffic it is worth!


#2 Try implementing the “upside down” guest post as a fantastic link building strategy.

Get quadruple the traffic than you would from a regular old author bio section at the bottom of your content. Write a guest post on someone else’s page, including links to “helpful resources” throughout. Make sure your content is one of those helpful resource links! Very few people care to read author bios, so it is better to have links for people to click on sprinkled throughout the guest post they are already reading.


#3 We have already told you how important it is to make social sharing of your content easy and accessible.

More specifically, use “Click to Tweet” links to fetch more shares and thus more traffic. Add a “Click to Tweet” button alongside each little tip, statistic or phrase of wisdom within your content. Enter it on and the tool will generate a special link for you. Easy to do and making your content easy to share!

How to get more traffic FAST (without PBNS) | LA SEO Service

#4 Present unique data to your readers.

This is not the same as creating unique content. Let’s face it: there are not that many different ways to spin the facts of the world. But data is different. You can choose anything to quantify or measure. No advanced math skills needed. It can even be hypothetical data, and still earn you more traffic than your competitor(s). Figures are important to any content.


#5 Pay attention to Google’s Mobile-First Index in your optimization strategies.

Utilize their free test to make sure your site is prepared for their new indexing system, rolled out late last year. Google will now count the mobile version of your website first and largely discount/almost completely ignore the desktop version. It’s a changing world, folks. Obviously, you should implement the optimization recommendations of the free tool.

How to get more traffic FAST (without PBNS) | LA SEO Service | Los Angeles SEO Company

No more sketchy PBNs for you!

White hat SEO all the way. These five techniques will drive your traffic in ways you could never imagine. If you need help implementing them, or just need some more personal advice, contact us today! We will help get your website on the right track.


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