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28 Aug How to use SEO for big ROI on sales events like Back to School

Back-to-school is approaching quickly. Other approaching events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Memorial Day call for retailers to draw customers in with deals they can’t pass up.

Some of the hype is done with commercials, radio ads or physical offers, but search engine optimization plays a huge role in boosting sales as well. Let’s discuss 7 points that you should consider in using SEO to drive a big ROI on your next sales event like Back-t0-School!

1. First and foremost, SEO is not an overnight success story; you have to have a plan of attack.

The factors that go into this plan are communication, content and links. Talk with your marketing and public relations personnel to nail down which products you are pushing and what the message is during the campaign. Strategically place those products on the frontline and support them with SEO tactics to drive traffic.

Continue planning with timing schedules and decide on your wants and needs. Take a look at your existing web pages and decide whether or not those can be used or if you need to make new pages.

2. Create an external linking blueprint.

It might be necessary to create one or a group of vanity URL’s. These are unique links that are easy for customers to remember (example:

3. Look back at other sales periods and use the results to guide you

What worked and what did not?

When did site traffic start to pick up?

What was the customer’s path to the sale or where did they fall off?

These are just some factors that should be looked at so you repeat the strategies that worked and put a stop to the ones that did not. You can even look at organic and paid reach to set a target for the upcoming campaigns.

Decide on when these strategies should be launched; check out Google keyword trends and when consumers start their hunt.

Deciding on content is left to the creative or perfectionist type. In our visual society, it is vital that content speaks directly to the consumer and is geared toward the before, during and after sale period. Be sure to hype up future sales, excite customers on current promotions and tease them on upcoming blockbusters.

5. Don’t duplicate content

Make sure your content is not a duplicate to other sites, that could really hurt your online rankings. Give the viewer unique and useful content. If the product has been reviewed for you before, maybe use those reviews as credibility to make customers feel more comfortable with a purchase.

6. Link building and checking

Link connectivity is crucial in all of this. Go through web and social links and make sure they are functioning and connect to the appropriate destination. A broken or flawed link will immediately drop a sale. Make sure links and their path is customer oriented.

7. Measure for success

Once you are all set to launch your campaign, keep an eye on analytics and see if any adjustments can or should be made to maximize results. Then, when the event is over, be sure to keep any landing pages live because anything useful on those pages can be used again and ramp up the content for the next campaign to keep customers engaged and excited about your product or service.

Cheers to a successful, SEO driven sales event!

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