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30 Apr 7 tips to create viral content [Step by step guide]

Whenever the word “viral” comes up, people often associate it with content that is randomly successful overnight. Well, do we have some good news for you. It’s not as unpredictable as you thought to create viral content. In today’s article, let’s look at a few tested tricks to boost your content’s virality factor.

1. That’s Odd

Have you ever noticed that you seem to click on articles or videos with numbers in the title? Well, turns out it’s not just you.

According to Moz, 36% of readers prefer titles with numbers in them.

Even more so are titles with odd numbers in them.

I mean, look me dead in the eye and tell me you’ve never clicked on one of these tempting Buzzfeed articles:

That’s right. You do. Frequently.

2. Brackets

Another title tip is to use brackets in your copy. These brackets should include a clear call out to what is in the article.

Take this article you’re reading for example. Notice we added [Step by step guide]. 

This clearly tells the reader if what they are searching for is inside and adds context to the click, thus increasing retention and time on page.

3. More high-quality images

It’s clear that more images does a few things for your content:

  • they break up the text to allow the reader to take visual breaks with delightful imagery
  • images entice the reader to scroll for more
  • they add context to your copywriting
  • and lastly boost credibility

Increase your image use (and always remember your alt tags) and see your content soar!

4. Scannable copy

Have you noticed something interesting about the text in this article?

Does it seem…. s p a c e d   o u t ?

This is what we call “scannable text” and many successful viral content creators like Neil Patel, employ this content tactic to ease readers journey through his skyscraper style blog posts.

Here’s a screenshot (right) that visually articulates Neil Patel’s writing tactic.

Notice his use of:

  • bullet points
  • small, easy to read sentences
  • links with inviting color
  • images

Test it out. It works.

5. Mention people and let them know

People love themselves.

It’s true! And it’s not a bad thing when you’re trying to create viral content.

If you point out a person, company or group in your content, let them know. There’s a very high chance they will share the content on their socials.

This is particularly true of social media influencers.

Backlinko’s Brian Dean is a huge proponent of “The Mention”. Follow his template and alter it according to your needs:

6. Short, descriptive URLs

Keep it simple!

A URL should tell a user what is in the article they are clicking on.

It should also include your keyword or longtail keyword.

Wouldn’t you rather read something called /doge-memes

over something called /dog742?post_id=2934857?


7. Longer is better

Content over 1500 words can be seen as “Skyscraper” style. The longer your content, the more Google has to chew on.

Chances are longer content answers more of a users query that led them to your content.

The best thing about Skyscraper writing?

You can recycle other people’s content with your own unique spin that opts for a fully optimized “viral” post!



These are just 7 tips to create viral content.

But it doesn’t end here.

Curious to know more?

Contact us today to discover how our team of marketing pros can improve your traffic and get your content to be seen by those who matter most to you.

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